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Coast Garden Solutions is a sole trader business based in Terrigal, NSW.

We offer a personal, professional garden design and lawn maintenance services across the Central Coast to help you manage your gardens and lawns. This makes them a real asset to your property and a haven for your escape.

Meet Daniel

Daniel loves to garden. He loves to work outdoors.

Daniel Hastings


Horticulture and gardening have always been a part of my life and in my family history. The Hastings family had manicured gardens by my parents at Bensville and their parents. Dad’s parents had gardens at Blackheath and McMasters Beach. Mum’s parents had vegetables grown for sale at McMasters Beach veg stall that is still running as a general stall.

I started small-scale gardens from a very young age growing indoor plants from local nurseries, creating small garden displays inside on coffee tables. Once leaving school, I completed my Landscape Trade Certificate III at TAFE. I worked with Atunga Landscapes for 4 years, then applied for a job as a horticulturist at Pine Needles where I stayed for 18 years, before starting my own business: Coast Garden Solutions. Every day, creating new gardens and maintaining them has continued to be a source of enjoyment and great achievement. 

I also enjoy growing native orchids like Dendrobium speciosum and Dendrobium kingianum. I also have a 400 litre Aquarium which has cichlids from Lake Malawi. Some varieties I have are Fontosa and Peacock cichlids.

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