Grow the Best Orchids

How to grow the Best Orchids

Orchids can really look great in tropical or shaded gardens with morning eastern sun, but you don’t have to live in the tropics to grow them.

Our natives from the Central Coast will do the job! They can be bought through orchid clubs, or go to Mingara Orchid Show in July, or check out Narara Valley Nursery. You could grow oncidiums or catalayas – these look great growing on trees or on tree ferns.


The best technique to grow them on trees is to buy some sphagnum moss to wrap around the orchid mix to retain moisture, then simply wrap fishing line or budding tape around the root ball until it is fastened well to the tree. Water when dried out and fertilize every 2 weeks. If they get enough sunlight, you will get a great flower display once a year.

For ground orchids buy sandstone from your local landscape supplier. These rocks will create a great natural environment for orchids. Buy orchid mix, and mix charcoal and pebble for drainage to spread around the rocks. Remember: don’t leave too much space between your sandstone rocks because orchids like to be cramped. Too much space will make the orchid mix too wet. Try growing Dendrobium speciosum, Dendrobium kingianum, and cymbidiums.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Daniel on 0438 248 317. Coast Garden Solutions can create a beautiful orchid garden for you. If you contact us in November, we will give you 10% off your job!

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