Spring? Some early advice!

Spring is here!

Now is a great time to fertilise your gardens with Dynamic Lifter. This will not only feed your plants but improve your soil! Fertilise also with Osmocote as a slow release fertiliser. Make sure to follow the recommended application rates, then water in well to prevent leaf and root burn.

Remember: for natives, choose Osmocote for Natives.

Spring is a good time to cut back plants that are woody, or if you can see straight through them. Cut back by half the plant’s height – this will encourage new growth and a thicker-leafed shrub. Make sure when cutting back hard that you cut to a leaf node.

Install irrigation systems to make watering easy, especially for during summer. Water your plants in the early morning or late in the afternoon when the temperature drops below 32 degrees celcius to prevent leaf burn. If you already have an irrigation system working, check if all misting heads work. If they don’t, flush out the irrigation line by removing the end plug, removing all misting heads and then turning on the tap to remove silt or waste. Unblock all misting heads with wire, then reinstall on risers.

Make sure you have a thick layer of mulch on your gardens – at least 50 mm (75 mm preferable). I prefer to use a leaf mulch or wood chip because the organic material will improve the soil as well as worm activity.

Apply Seasol as a tonic that will help against pests and diseases, and also condition your soil. Seasol also promotes healthy root growth.

Spring is also a good time to control pests and diseases. For scale, aphids, and mealy bugs that can cause soot mould and plant death, products such as malathon can help.

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